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7 months ago (Jul 21, 2017)

How to port rom [mt6580 to mt6580 and kernel 3.18.19+]

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Hi guys, This is Khoka. Previously I’ve posted HIOS rom. It was ported only for Symphony i10. For this, it can only used for Symphony i10. But if you port this for your phone you can also flash this rom.


  • An android device
  • Chipset: mediatek 6580
  • Kernel: 3.18.19+
  • Root browser. (Install it from Store)
  • A custom rom
  • Boot.img (Search in google and download boot.img for your phone
  • Zarchiver (Install it from Store)

    Here we go to porting part.

    Steps of Rom porting

    #At first install Root browser and Zarchiver.
    #Go to Zarchiver and unpack/unzip/extract your downloaded custom rom.
    #Go to root browser.

    #Then go to system/lib folder.
    #Now find out

    Select and copy these files in your custom rom’s system/lib folder. A pop up window will show. Then select overwrite.
    #Now go to system/etc. And find out

    Select this folders and copy to custom rom’s system/etc folder.
    #Now copy boot.img in custom rom’s home/root folder.

    #Now select all files and compress to zip.

    #After compressing zip your rom is ready to use.
    I’ve written this post by my own.
    Don’t be stupid in comment section.
    Actually currently I have no Bangla keyboard installed in my phone.
    If you face any problem then comment here.
    NB. This method is only for mt6580, kernel 3.18.19+ to mt6580, kernel 3.18.19+

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    41 responses to “How to port rom [mt6580 to mt6580 and kernel 3.18.19+]”

    1. #Ahad 😎 Ahad (Author) says:

      Yeah! I was looking for it and found it!

    2. AKASH - PRAMANIK AKASH (Contributor) says:

      অই বেটা বাংলা লেক!

    3. A A Sakib Asif Ahmed Sakib (Author) says:

      Vai apni kon device use koren symphony i10?
      Ar tnx…eita onek khujsi…

    4. rokibulhasa4n (Contributor) says:

      3.18.19 to mt6580, kernel 3.18.19 ty hoby ?

    5. rakibrx640 (Contributor) says:

      sc7731 r ta den

    6. nasif999999 (Contributor) says:

      Will this work on mkt 6735

    7. nasif999999 (Contributor) says:

      Vai mt 6735 processor a kaj hobe
      Symphony P7 pro?

    8. NABI NABI (Author) says:

      vai plz amake primo nf+ er ekta room link dinn plllllzzz vaiya.

    9. SagorSrkian SagorSrkian (Author) says:

      পুরো পোস্ট A to Z তোমার মতো নীল কিভাবে করব?

    10. nasif999999 (Contributor) says:

      Mehedi hasan vai amar chipset ar karnel 3.18.19

    11. mobidul (Contributor) says:

      Vai symphony h60 at custom ROM google search korle koyekta Ashe beshi&vlo ROM kothay pabo.

    12. Stupid boy Hridoy (Contributor) says:

      ভাই আমি ফোনের mt model খুজব কি কিরে। আমার ফোন ডেড। আর গুগলে একই ফোনের বিভিন্ন mt. কি করব। প্লিয হেল্প

    13. limon boss limon boss (Contributor) says:

      help ভাই আমার mobile এর mtk হলো mt6580
      Android version — 7.0 Nugat
      kernel– 3.18.35+
      এই ডিভাইসে কি আপনার নিয়মে port করলে কাজ হবে

    14. Apurba Apurba (Author) says:

      help me bro, kivabe jante parbo j amar phone a mtk er kon chipset use kora hoice & kernel koto??

    15. legend (Contributor) says:

      Probably the best post so far I’ve seen in TBD. But what shall I do if I don’t find my phones boot.img on Google?

    16. Al Kamal Azad JiHaD Al Kamal Azad JiHaD (Contributor) says:

      vai ami walton primo F7 user.. ei phone er jonno rom banan ei phone er kono developer nei… MTK6580 karnel:3.18.19+

    17. Al Kamal Azad JiHaD Al Kamal Azad JiHaD (Contributor) says:

      CWR recovery diye ki hobe??

    18. NIL0YR (Contributor) says:

      mt6580 to mt6580 & karnel 3.10.72 a hobe na ei trick a?

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