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[Mega post] এবার খেলুন GTA 5 game v1.0.8 আপনার android মোবাইলে apk+ data [only 1.8gb]

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আসসালামু আলাইকুম
আজকে আপনাদের সাথে gta 5 গেমটি নিয়ে আসলাম।
gta5 হলো শেষ গেম rockstar এর। এই গেমটি rock star official ভাবে published করেনি।
আজ আমি যে apk and obb দিব তা দিয়ে আপনি android 5.0 চালাতে পারবেন।
Support android lollipop. All of your device scene support.
Features of the game GTA 5:
(GTA V)GTA V is the most improved version of GTA game series
the features are given below.
The graphics are amazing.
The control over the game is greatThe colors and the sound are stunning.
The character, the cars, the roads and every this designed same looks like real.
The vehicle driving experience is amazing never seen before in any game.
The missions are very interesting and forcing to pay full attention in the game,
that shows the success of the game.
The player may take cover behind objects in any danger to save himself.


গেমটি খেলার মিনিমাম রিকয়স্টমেন্ট:
Android 4.0 up
GPU: all
RAM: 1gb
file size:apk+data 1.8gb

Download with direct link:
GTA 5 apk+obb 1.8gb

How to Download and install:
How to Download and install GTA 5 for Android
Download Apk file of GTA 5 Now
download Data and Obb files and ZArchiver open now exita obb file
Install Apk file of GTA 5 don’t open apk
Copy and Paste Obb folder on your mobile sdcard Android >>Obb folder.
Now launch and play the game

That’s it friends, hope you successfully installed GTA V Apk+Data. Now play and enjoy the game. If you have any issue let me tell in the comment, I’ll pleasure to guide you.

সবাই ভালো থাকবেন।


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  1. Hridoy khan Hridoy Hasan (Contributor) says:

    good post..👌✌

  2. Zid Zid (Contributor) says:

    apni khelsen?

  3. rabby rabby (Author) says:

    aita to san andress 1.08 game…. mobile a abar kokhon gta 5 bair korlo????

  4. arifkhan1122 arifkhan1122 (Contributor) says:

    Gta5 mobile game apk+data

  5. arifkhan1122 arifkhan1122 (Contributor) says:

    na vie পোস্ট দেওয়া আছে

  6. arifkhan1122 arifkhan1122 (Contributor) says:

    Gta5 official ভাবে published হয় নি এটা androiad Mobile এর ভাসন এর উপর তেরি

  7. arifkhan1122 arifkhan1122 (Contributor) says:

    ভাই গেমটি খেলে দেখুন

  8. ShefatHosen ShefatHosen (Contributor) says:

    ভাই 1.8gb file download করা সম্ভব না।
    যদি পারেন তাহলে হাইলি কম্প্রেস করে দিয়েন।
    যাই হোক , nice post.
    GTA V নিয়ে পোস্টের অপেক্ষায় ছিলাম।

  9. arifkhan1122 arifkhan1122 (Contributor) says:

    GTA 5 at a extra korle apk 24mb obb 2024mb total 2.5gb

  10. arifkhan1122 arifkhan1122 (Contributor) says:

    Highly compressed 600mb and existing size 2.5gb

  11. arifkhan1122 arifkhan1122 (Contributor) says:

    Highly compressed কাজ নাও করতে পারে

  12. RS Rabby RS Rabby (Contributor) says:

    Good post vai ei rokom aro post cay

  13. Arman37815 Arman37815 (Contributor) says:

    Eita mod naki original?

  14. Inan Ahammad Inan Ahammad (Contributor) says:

    ei type er owl faul post koren na vai.Rockstar Games akhon porjonto Android/Ios gta 5 realease kore nai.Net e ja ase sob vua.Ar amni tao GTA 5 bole kotha.GPU normal e cholbe na.At least bhalo Graphics Renderer lagbe.Ajira post.apnar ss sob pc er

  15. Gm Babu (Contributor) says:

    Scrrenshot je rokom disen game ta seirokom mote o na seita 100% sure.kindly game er screenshot ta tik kore dile jodi valo lage tahole nitam ar ki.er aghe gta 5 mod niya dhors khaisi.ekta o valo na….mod hoilee mod but grapics ar gameplay ta jodi screenshot e jeirokom dichen seirokom hoile hoito

  16. pro_77 (Contributor) says:

    Are vai san andress mod ae ta khelc.. mob.org te ase..

  17. suvonitlover (Contributor) says:

    already group e onek age post hoycilo

  18. os olid os olid (Contributor) says:

    Eta ki asolei Android e cole???
    pura youtube google kono jaiga tei naI.
    ar khelar jonno controler dorkar hoy.
    screen short e to comtroler nei.eta pc er.taile kamne Android holo vai kindly bolben please

  19. os olid os olid (Contributor) says:

    আপনি যদি sure Android e খেলে থাকেন তাইলে বলেন,কারণ অন্নর ১.৮ জিবি নস্ট করে আপনার লাভ নাই।
    বলেন খেলেন কি আপনি?

  20. Jonh123 (Contributor) says:

    mamur bata Pc gta 5 screenshot dise wrong post

  21. arifkhan1122 arifkhan1122 (Contributor) says:

    গেমটি খেলুন আগে তারপর পর কমেন্ট করবেন

  22. arifkhan1122 arifkhan1122 (Contributor) says:

    GTA San Andreas 1.8gb and GTA 5 2.5gb for Android my apk+obb exist
    Extra here apk24mb obb 2024mb

  23. Fardin Ahmed Fardin Ahmed (Contributor) says:

    Dawonlod hoi Na Kno

  24. Alim Khan Alim Khan (Contributor) says:

    Android er jonno kno Gta v ber hoini

  25. Fahad Fahad (Contributor) says:

    kon fie ta download korbo? answer pls

  26. Rifat Boss (Contributor) says:

    Download er kichoi tu pai na ..not found dekhay

  27. arifkhan1122 arifkhan1122 (Contributor) says:

    ক্যাপচা পূরন করে cliek here download দিন

  28. Kazi_Ahad Kazi_Ahad (Contributor) says:

    “Unknown download error.
    Please reinstall from Google Play”

    সব ঠিক ভাবে করলাম। তবুও এমন অাসতেছে।
    Tested on Symphony V75

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