Dear Grameenphone user,Today Im
going to discuss about an amazing GP
Offer. Grameenphone introduced
another new offer called Emergency
internet balance. This offer is only
applicable for the prepaid customers.
This offer will allow the customers to
get an emergency internet 10MB when
their balance becomes 1tk or less with
no data volume in account.
Offer Details:

Only for GP Prepaid customers
To get 10MB data loan dial *1010*2#
When main balance 1tk or less with no
data volume in account,then customer
can get this offer
In case of recharge, voice emergency
balance will get first priority. In case of
two emergency balances, the customer
will receive the requested amount only
after both the emergency balances have
been deducted
Customers will be offered 10MB data
loan @ 5Tk (2 days validity)
5tk will be deducted from account next
time customer recharges
3% (SD) and 15 % VAT on price
including of SD will be applicable on
the price mentioned above

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