Hi friends,
In this article, I’m gonna show you how to delete all facebook messeges at once with your Android or your pc. You will also be able to delete several messeges by selecting them.

So, Why wasting thw valuable time..?

Let’s see how to do it.


  • The very first thing is to do is Download the latest ‘Yandex’ browser and ‘Zarchiver’ from Playstore.


  • Download the extension from This link.
  • Extract it with Zarchiver app. It requires a password. Paassword is ‘youtube.com/sayemkhan
  • Now, Open ‘Yandex’ Browser and navigate to chrome://extensions
  • Enable the debeloper mode from the up right corner.
  • Click on the ‘Load Unpacked’ button.
  • Click on files
  • Select the internal storage and find out the deaire unziped folder.
  • select the menifest.json file to load the extension.
  • now run the extension by clicking menu and then selecting extensions.


  • Now, wait a bit here to load all the messege conversation.
  • Click on Delete all messeges
  • or Choose to delete. Here, You can delete the conversation by selecting them.


This is how you can delete all of your facebook messeges in one click.
You can do the same with your pc with chrome browser.
Thanks for reading with good attention.

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NB: ইংরেজীতে লেখার জন্য সরি।
আসলে আমি চাচ্ছিলাম এই পোষ্ট টা ছোট করতে। তাই ইংলিশে কমান্ড স্টাইলে লিখেছি। কারো বুঝতে সমস্যা হলে যানাবেন। আর নিচেতো বাংলা ভিডিও দেয়াই আছে।
Stay with us.
Watch the video to understand the process easily.

That’s all for today. Take care

Allah Hafez.

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      pass: youtube.com/sayemkhan
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