With this tut, you can add previous and next post links in forum.. To install Add this in msg in forum 1st box

 if("::msg_id::"=="1"){document.write('</p><br />
<div class="paging"><a href="forum2_theme_'+forum+'.html?tema='+prevpage+''+hashs+'" style="float:left">Previous Post</a><a href="forum2_theme_'+forum+'.html?tema='+nextpage+''+hashs+'" style="float:right">Next Post</a></div><br /> <p>');}
then goto top autocontent page of forum and add this in wml/xhtml
var idforum=':getid-forum:'; var hashs=':admin-hash-amp:'; tema=':getid-url:'.split('tema=')[1];  var forum=":getid-forum:"; var currentpage=':getid-url:'.split('tema=')[1]; var prevpage=currentpage-1;<br /><br />
var nextpage=currentpage+1;<br /><br />
If this code be erorr please use (this link)

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