[Wapka][BBCode] 33+ Awesome Custom BBCode for your Wapka Forum Site!! by riadrox

অনেকে মনে করে আমি খালি রুট নিয়ে ভাব মারি!! আর কিছু পারি না। হুমম আমি ওয়েব ডিজাইনিং ও বেশ পারি কিন্তু ট্রিকবিডি তে শেয়ার করা যাচ্ছিল না।এখন থেকে রোজ শেয়ার করব।

ইংরেজিতে লেখার চেষ্টা করলাম। গ্রামার পাই না – তাই ভুল হলে ক্ষমা করবেন।

Special Quotes By Riadrox

Yapp!! You Need This code!! Every Forum Site of wapka must use Custom BBcodes to make forum content more beautiful!! more awesome.

Today I will give you some bbcode strings & scripts that will transfer strings to html format & show wapka users the content!

This is based on JavaScript!

How to Use??

## At first Download this Script Created by me!!

## Open it Through Root Browser !!

## Go to Root Browser > select the downloaded file >Open with >RBText Editor> Copy all Code!!

## Now Paste That Code into Forum Footer Page of Your wapka Site!!

## Now Go to Wap2> Styles for content in forum/chat > Set global settings of styles for forum/chat > Style of messages in the forum:*

## In first Box find ::msg:: & replace it by

## Now what!! Finished!!


* Remove +

[+h1] [/h1] >> Show’s the Heading style 1

[+h2] [/h2] >> Show’s the Heading style 2

[+h3] [/h3] >> Show’s the Heading style 3

[+b] [/b] >> Show’s the bold content

[+i] [/i] >> Show’s the italic content

[+u] [/u] >> Show’s the underlined content

[+strike] [/strike] >> Show’s the strike content

[+big] [/big] >> Show’s the big content

[+small] [/small] >> Show’s the small content

[+red] [/red] >> Show’s the red content

[+blue] [/blue] >> Show’s the blue content

[+purple] [/purple] >> Show’s the purple content

[+green] [/green] >> Show’s the green content

[+left] [/left] >> Show’s the content in left

[+right] [/right] >> Show’s the content in right

[+center] [/center] >> Show’s the content in center

[+img] link [/img] >> Show’s the img of the link

[+url=link] name [/url] >> Show’s the link

[br] >> Line Break

[+input] [/input] >> Show’s the content in input

[+txt] [/txt] >> Show’s the content in textarea

[+orange] [/orange] >> Show’s the content in backround with color orange

more advanced bb will be in the v2 !!


Modded by Riadrox


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  1. jahidur rahman Contributor says:
    tnx…ar ami o trickbd te post korte parsi pandding dakasse 2 months dore.
    1. Riadrox Author Post Creator says:
      Apni tuner na tai
    2. jahidur rahman Contributor says:
      ami tuner hote cai.ar trickbd te post korte cai
  2. Shuvro Author says:
    vi apni ki cyber team rox er songe jorito?
    1. Riadrox Author Post Creator says:
      Na bro. kintu keno?
  3. Shuvro Author says:
    nothing . just wanted to know 🙂
    1. Riadrox Author Post Creator says:
      ooo! Its fake! Just profile picture disi
  4. Shuvro Author says:
    vi apni ki boom beach highly compress kore dite parben plz.
    1. Riadrox Author Post Creator says:
      ai game highly compressed korar mto na
  5. coc imran Contributor says:
  6. Shuvro Author says:
    tobuo….. jodi ……plz vi
    1. Riadrox Author Post Creator says:
      dekhi kora jai kina
  7. Shuvro Author says:
    zip baniye size ta ektu komie dile khub valo hoto .
    1. Riadrox Author Post Creator says:
      boom beach vlo game na. moja nai
  8. Shuvro Author says:
    asole bro free net use kori to ti 50 mb er limit ache . ekarone download korte parchi na .
    1. Tajik Ahsan Author says:
      kon sim dia free net use koro?
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