Hi, I am NesaR 🙂 Today i Share a Beautiful Trick. Because we used facebook from Bangladesh easily by this trick, So let’s start…

Setting the first to like this ↓

Name : Free Net By NesaR
APN : internet
Proxy :
Port : 80

Now a 3G Data Package Purchase.

Then According to Google from your phone, download a
Handler Opera.

or Download yndex opera from here for Android

yndex opera unlock code: www.nextwap.net

Now come the real story. I’m down to 1 am FQ. The limit 20MB.

FQ am used to this now Handler Opera.

Hope you understand. Comment If someone is a problem.

Sorry For English 🙁 Because This Post Is Already Published On TrickBD.Co But This Is New Style For Facebook 🙂

6 thoughts on "Airtel Limited Free Net With Facebook By Opera Mini"

  1. reza Contributor says:
    20 MBs are not sufficient for Android.It will be fininshed in a short time.so trying to increase mb about 100 or more.
  2. Reyad Contributor says:

    50 MB Limit B|

  3. Shakil53 Contributor says:
    আপনার চলের কি? আমার ত চলের না Airtel free net কয়েক দিন ধরে।plz 100 mb limit airtel free net দেন।
  4. muhammad shuvo Contributor says:
    এখন কি আছে এটা ।
  5. H M Maruf Contributor says:
    আসসালামু আলাইকুম ভাই

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