1.UI Lollipop (75%)
2.Framework Lollipop (50%)
3.Battery Style Mod UI (Xperia,Sense,Miui,lewa OS, etc)
4.Network Speed
5.Lockscreen Style
6.List View Animation
7.LCD Setup!!
8.Boot Animation White Rom

10.Emotion Lollipop Wallpapers!!
11.Lollipop Themed!!
12.Google camera and gallery!
13.Lollipop apps like messenger,calculator,etc added!!
14.Apps Pre-Installed (Amaze File Manager,Tinted Status Bar,Terminal)
15.Awesome performance !!
16.Build.prop Tweaks
17.Supports INIT.D
18.Shake To Clear Ram o Harlem Shake!!
19.And many many more!Am not able to remember!!
20.I’ll be giving Dolby by today evening and some awesome themes also!!

Lolipop custom rom for w85

Custom Rom install Process:

1est wipe data/factory reset 2nd wipe cacle partition then go to mounts and storage format data format system>back then go to advached wipe dalvic cacle>back isntall zip from sd card

** যদি আপনি পোস্টটি থেকে সামান্যতম উপকার পেয়ে থাকেন, তাহলে আমার সাইটটি প্লিজ ভিজিট করুণ – BDprozukti.Tk

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  1. Asad Author says:
    w 128 e hobe vai??? rot cara to somvob na naki?

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