Do u have an android phone?? then this post will be definitely
helpful for u
Some times we see many paid apps on google play store .. which
we want to download but we unable to download it because
we dont have $ or we dont have any master card
But we wish if we can download the apps
now your wish can come true
You can download all paid apps for fully free 😉

Firstly download the small apps from the link below

Blackmart.apk [2.91 MB ]

How it works?
you can simply download all paid apps free .. for an example we
have to download a app named “High Performance JavaScript”
If you wants to download it from google store you need $4.99

now I search with the same name in Blackmart and I find
the same app

now click on the app and click on install 😉

wow!! its downloading

by the same way you can download all other paid apps for
fully free 🙂
Stay with technology and stay with Trickbd

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    oh sry… এটা প্রথম তো তাই করে দেখলাম হয় কি না

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