With don’t touch my phone (anti theft app) you
will not be anymore afraid to let your phone on
a table.
this Alarm keeps your phone save from curious
people and burglars. Once you activate the
alarm, no one could touch it, because the alarm
will be triggered if any one try to take the

Dont touch my phone

Thanks ….all my friends ..

One thought on "আপনার মোবাইল কেউ ধরলেই এমব্রোলেজ এর মত চিংকার করে উঠবে 700kb একটা এপ দিয়ে।"

  1. hd.golap Contributor says:
    dor paw…?.please help me.amar phoni bangla sapot kore na.model=
    GT-s5360.version 2.3.5

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