File Name: Automatic Wallpaper Changer 3
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Updating the desktop wallpaper
automatically. – Changing Wallpaper
Automatically – * Selecting images in your
storage (ex.SD Card). * Updating your
desktop wallpaper automatically a certain
interval. *The option to which the
wallpaper was changed at “the screen off”
was added. * Auto start available. * Enjoy
your original desktop by your favorite
wallpaper, your self-took picture, family’s
photo, etc, etc… — Adjustment mode — *
You can set up the adjustment mode of

wallpaper: “non-resize”, “non-blank” and
“fit-to-screen”. – Selectable interval – * You
can select the update-interval from 5min to
24hour. – Unlimited number of images – *
Number of wallpaper images is NOT limited
in this application. * You can select any
number of images as long as capacity of
the storage. – Saving of storage capacity – *
In order to save storage capacity, this
application register the image information
instead of image substance. – Saving the
cell power – * Wallpaper updates is limited
1 time in the state of display-OFF. –
Notification on action – * Status icon is
displayed. * Widget color will change on
each state. * Status is notified by message
on status bar, toast window, widget
animation. * You can set the on/off state of
the icon, status bar message and toast
window. – Internet access – * This
application will access the internet to
display the advertisement. – Confirming the
operation – * This application confirms the
operation with Xperia, Galaxy-S, and Galaxy

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    dur!!! faltu, download hoyna! bar bar double click korew hoyna.. ojotha tym waste

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