CyanogenMOD 13 For Primo EF2 [MT6582]

CM13 for MT6582 is an aftermarket ROM based on Android Marshmallow. CM 13 for MT6582 is now more stable and can be used as a daily driver. This is also the latest build of Cyanogenmod 13. To know what’s working and what’s not working, look for it down below. ROM is really really smooth and has Multi-window as well. Overall, this ROM can be used as a daily driver now as Camera and Video recording are now working thanks to all the contributors.

Note : This ROM can be ported to any MT6582 device running Android Kitkat 4.4.x with kernel 3.4.67

If you want to port this ROM and share then please give the link of original post along with proper credits !

Notes :
1) My only request is that do not at any cost forget to give proper credits. All credits are mentioned below
2) It only takes a few minutes to steal the ROM but it will take you months to request the developers to start working on development again. Many devs stopped working and sharing their codes just because of kanging and I do not want that to happen again.
3) CM 13 could have become more stable till now if it weren’t for kangers who forced the devs to stop their work.

Changelog :
2016-04-06 :
– Permissive Selinux
– Camera and Video recording working on Stock Camera
– Stability Improvements
– More Stable RIL and WiFi

2016-04-04 :
Camera and Video recording fix
– New API Level 6 (Fig)
– Minor Bug Fixes


It takes long time and hard work to make this working for Primo EF2.  It’s more difficult to make this full bug free…….I tried my best and here it is! Please give me proper credit for this rom!

Credits :
Ferhung – The guy behind CM13 for MTK and deserves all the thanks 

Diparth Shah
Karim Gahgah, Ajit Guraya – Camera and Video Recording Fix 
Ajit Guraya – Compiling ROM From Source
Aniruddha Adhikary – For his amazing USSD Fix
Team Roger That – Ajit Guraya, Diparth Shah, Pawan Diyal, Ashutosh Dubey, Waseem Maya, Ankit Bhatangar, Rohan Taneja, Vipul Jha, Pranav Reddy 
Required blobs for Camera and Video Fix (Really huge thanks) :
nofearnohappy, Varun Chitre, Ariafan, Vald.masti, Fire855, Alex


And Also my Idle Brain… Don’t  forget to give credit to Joker Bro for porting  TWRP 2.8.7 recovery

What’s working:


Video Recording – Working with stock camera app ! (You need to change camera quality to 720P in camera settings)
SMS (Receive and Send both working)
Dual SIM
Screen Recording
Both storages (SD and Internal) mounting in both Phone and PC
720P working in youtube…

Bugs :
GPS (partially working)
RIL is unstable sometimes

Few bugs here and there (might or might not be noticeable)…

Screenshots: Screenshots of CM 13

ROM Download (325 MB): CyanogenMOD 13 For Walton Primo EF2


Google Drive: A-GAPPS 6.0.1_10.04.2016_v5.0

MEGA Mirror:  A-GAPPS 6.0.1_10.04.2016_v5.0

***Flash GApps after you flash CM 13…


Flashing Way:


Goto recovery then wipe  > advance > mark all except *External and *USB-OTG & slide away…Then  install the Downloaded zip file..  Wait to finish!!



Install this apk & Flash this zip after first boot. Then xposed module will work fine without installing it manually!!

Xposed Installer_3.0_Alpha4.apkXposed Installer_3.0_Alpha4

Xposed Flashable zip File:

Don’t worry! This may take 8-10 mins after flashing “’ ….


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  1. opu sd Contributor says:
    vai primo ef3 te hobey?

    1. Rafiul Bari Chowdhury Rafiul Bari Chowdhury Author Post Creator says:
      পোর্ট করলে হবে…
  2. Łûkmäñ Hâšäñ lukman hasan Contributor says:
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      জানাচ্ছি … আর এই রম CWM দিয়ে হবে না…
    2. Ashfaq Contributor says:
      Twrp lagbe tahole?
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    vai camera prob hossa! ki vabe solv korbo
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    MT version কিভাবে চেক করবো?
    1. Prince Rsm Prince Rsm Contributor says:
      Cpuz.apk “dia check korben apnar phoner MTk..
      i Hope u Undrastend….
  5. Shiba Shiba Contributor says:
    vai unite2 micromax
    hobe ki
    1. fahabir Contributor says:
      unite 2 er onek sundor sundor rom ache. cm 13 er cheye valo.
  6. Nahidboy Contributor says:
    symphony v40 ar lollipop custom rom den plz

  7. Jewelrahman Contributor says:
    Bhai amar walton Gf phone a customs rom deotar por theke 2 ta sim dhukanor por 3g mane data connection on korle auto network chole jacche kichukhon por Network hariye jacche bar bar,,, Original stock rom deoyar por o aki problem,,, amar 2 ta Walton GF ache 2 ta tei aki problem please help bro
  8. Md Rezaul karim Contributor says:
    Symphony v40 ar custom rom den plz
  9. fahabir Contributor says:
    itz a buggy rom bro. ব্লুতুথ প্যাচ নাই কোন ???
  10. sobahan sobahan Contributor says:
    Primo EM er TWRP recovery kothai pabo?
  11. Torikul Torikul121 Contributor says:
    Vaiya,amr walton primo gf2 er software gese..ei rom ta apply korle ki hobe…plz help
  12. Md MamunKhan Md MamunKhan Contributor says:
    Vai. Amar Walton primo ef3. Marshmallow updet detay chai ki vabay debo ekto bolen plz
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    vai symphony r100 kivabe root korbo?

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