Dotos V1.2 Android 7.1.2 +6.0 custom rom for symphony i50

– Stability and Performance
– Lagfree with High Performance Results
– Clutterless UI
– Perfect Interface for every User
– Enhanced default apps
– Redesigned settings and QS panel
– Full OMS support
– Colour Engine Support

DotExtras !!

– Clock Customisation
– Battery Customisation
#Quick Settings
– Quick Pulldown
– QS Tiles Customisation
– Advanced Quick Setting Easy Toggles
– Volume Key Cursor Control
– Display
– Wake on Plug
– Pocket Detection
– Accidental Touch
– Powermenu Tweaks
– Double tap 2 sleep anywhere
– Lockscreen Media Customisation
– Blur Screen Lockscreen
– Clear all Button
– Immersive Recents
– Show Memory Bar

#Navigation Bar
– On screen navigation Bar tweaks
– Home Button tweaks
– Menu Button tweaks
– Back Button tweaks
– Power Button tweaks
– Volume Buttons tweaks
– Advanced Reboot
– Disable Force Close
– ScreenShot Tweaks
– Camera Shutter Sound

ROM Info:
Name: dotOS (droid on time)
ROM OS: Android 7.1.2 Nougat+ 6.0 Marshmallow
Chip : Mediatek MT6580
Kernel : Stock Marshmallow 3.18.19+
Required Firmware : Unlocked Bootloader
ROM Ported For : Symphony i50

Tested and Working:
– Audio/Music
– Wifi
– Bluetooth
– Camera (Back+Front)
– Video Recording (Back & Front Camera)
– RIL (Dual sim works perfectly)
– FM Radio

– Carrier Name (in some carriers)
– Maybe GPS,I ain’t sure about that 😐
– And none (If you get any,than try to fix by yourself)

#Rom link…/1UYQXdmPpUQ3OoZoZsdZefdwtQ…/view…

#Letest TWRP Custom Recovery…/1c0ZJUDkWY3Q_29AjROTgRtL3s…/view…

#Substratum Theme…




27 thoughts on "Dot Os Custom Rom For Symphony i50!"

  1. Kazimithu Contributor says:
    brother iOS rom ache ki i50 r jonno ? onek try korchi but failed hoilam
  2. Devil Demon Shagoto Contributor says:
    bro ram kemon free thake
  3. reza4433 Contributor says:
    dam koto bro,,,
  4. #Ahad ✌🐸✌ Author says:
    What the heck? Fully copied from my XDA thread! Where is the credits? I’ll report this! -.-
  5. Anik Shahoriar Contributor says:
    need custom rom for walton gm2+
  6. Kazimithu Contributor says:
    Its flashing failed …. Fake jinish dian na miya
  7. shezanur Contributor says:
    vaia symphony xplorer h200 ar akta custom ROM lagbe. plz help me…
  8. Nahid Islam Contributor says:
    bro blade a452 rom chi
    1. Helim Hasan Akash Author Post Creator says:
      mtk 6580 hole eta port kore use korte parben
  9. Ahsanul Maruf Contributor says:
    i50 te twrp innistal korte parsi na.
    1. Helim Hasan Akash Author Post Creator says:
      sp flash tools use koren
  10. Ovimani Shakib Contributor says:
    Walton Primo E4 Er Custom Rom thakle den
  11. shezanur Contributor says:
    Plz give me symphony xplorer h200 marsallow or nougat ROM and twrp recovery plz plz help me vaia……..
  12. shezanur Contributor says:
    make akta symphony xplorer h200 marsallow or nougat ROM and twrp recovery den vaia plzzzzzz……..
    1. Nasim Afridi Author says:
      Fb te h120 group e join krn.
      Onk rom paben.
  13. Zerocool Contributor says:
    Can anyone give me a bugless rom for primo gf3.
  14. Ahmad Shoikot Contributor says:
    ভাই আমার symphony zv মোবাইল,, আমি এইটাতে রুট করতে পারছি কিন্তু না পারছি কোন কাস্টম রম ইন্সটল করতে না পারছি TWRP রিকভারি ইন্সটল করতে,,
    plz help me.
    1. Helim Hasan Akash Author Post Creator says:
      zv twrp install den
  15. Ahmad Shoikot Contributor says:
    কিভাবে zv এর TWRP পাইতেছি না ।
    1. Helim Hasan Akash Author Post Creator says:
      fb te asen
  16. Debnath Shuvo Contributor says:
    symphony h300 er akta custom rom share den vai kau please oreo er..
  17. Payra Tania Contributor says:
    আমার ফোনের চিপসেট mt6750.. কাস্টোম রিকোভারি ইন্সটল করলে sp flash tool এ error দেখায়। sec imghdr type mismatch এটা দেখায়। plz help
    1. Helim Hasan Akash Author Post Creator says:
      miracle flashtools use koren
  18. paris Contributor says:
    আমার lenovo a369i ফোনের রোম নামিয়ে ইন্সটল দিতে গেলে ইন্সটল হয় না, রোবটের পেটে লাল সিগনাল দেখায় । দয়া করে এই ব্যাপারে আমাকে একটু সাহায্য করুন
    1. Helim Hasan Akash Author Post Creator says:
      room problems…
  19. DreamStar RoNy Contributor says:
    [REQUEST] Symphony H200 4.4.2 er jonno Marshmallow or Lollypop ROM den plzz bro… Extremely Need

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