….Formal Letter…

01. Application for increasing common
room facilities.

02. Application for morning school.

03. Application for full-free studentship.

04. Application for study tour/ seat in the
school hostel.

05. Application for a transfer certificate/

06. Application for repairing a bridge /
sinking a deep tube-well.

07. Application for setting up a canteen/
computer club/common room.

08. Application for seeking permission to stage a drama.


01. Congratulating on brilliant result

02. Thanking for hospitality.

03. To lend some s that you need for the exam.

04. To your father for sending money.

05. Preparation for the coming exam.

06. To inform your father about your JSC result.

07. Describing a picnic you have enjoyed.

08. To your friend for joining a picnic.


01. The Season You Like Most
02. A Journey You Have Enjoyed
03. A Village Fair
04. Your Favorite Game
05. Science in Every Day Life
06. Physical Exercise

07. Your Childhood Memories
08. Computer
09. Your Daily Life
10. Importance of Reading Newspaper

‘ আমাদের সাথেই থাকুন ।। প্রশ্ন পেতে হলে ভিজিট করবেন ।।


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