Once there was an old farmer who had three sons. They always quarreled with one another.
One day the old farmer called his sons to bring
some sticks. He tied the sticks in a bundle. He
told them to break the bundle. They tried but could not break the bundle of the sticks. Then he told them to untie the bundle and gave a stick to sons and asked them to break it. Then all of them broke the stick easily. The farmer told them that if they would remain separate and quarrel with one another, the enemy would easily defeat them. But if they remained united like the bundle, they would be stronger and the enemy could not do any harm
to them. At this the three sons learnt a great
lesson and began to live unitedly and happily.

5. Choose the best answer

(a) How many sons did the farmer have?
i. three
ii. four
iii. five
iv. six

b) What did the famer call his sons to bring?
i. plough
ii. leveler
iii. sticks
iv. rope

c) What did he first do with the sticks?
i. tied in a bundle
ii. gave a stick each
iii. break them
iv. beat his sons with them

d) He told them to — the bundle.
i. tie
ii. untie
iii. break
iv. sell

e) The old farmer told sons to be —.
i. helpful
ii. separated
iii. hard working
iv. united

f) How did the three sons break the sticks?
i. easily
ii. slowly
iii. fast
iv. at once

g) When couldn’t the enemy do any harm to
them? If they —.
i. remain separated

ii. quarrel each other
iii. remain united
iv. work together

h) What is the passage about?
i. importance of unity
ii. honesty
iii. importance of working hard
iv. how to tie a bundle of sticks

i) Three sons could not break the sticks at first.
Because the sticks were —.
i. very hard
ii. very heavy
iii. very long
iv. tied in a bundle

j) If they remained united like the bundle,
they would be —.
i. happier
ii. stronger
iii. poorer
iv. richer

Answer to the question no-5

a. i. three; b. iii. sticks; c. i. tied in a
bundle; d. iii. break; e. iv. united;
f. i. easily; g. iii. remain united; h. importance
of unity; i. iv. tied in a bundle; j. ii. stronger

6. Fill in the blanks of the following sentences
with the clues given in the box. There are
extra words than necessary.


a. The old farmer — three quarrelling sons.

b. They tried to break the bundle but —.

c. The enemy would easily — them.

d. They began to live — and happily.

e. At last the old farmer was — to teach his sons a good lesson.

Answer to the question no-6

had, b. failed, c. defeat, d. unitedly, e. able.

7. Answer the following questions.

a. Who quarreled with one another?
b. Why did the farmer call his sons?
c. When could the three sons break the sticks?
d. What did the three sons learn?
e. What is the moral of the passage?

Answer to the question no-7

a. The three sons of the farmers quarreled with one another.

b. The farmers called his sons to bring them to
their sense. He wanted that they would stop

c. When the sticks were untied, the three
sons could break them easily.

d. The three sons learnt that unity is strength.

e. The moral of the story is that-unity is strength.

8. Write a short composition in 5 sentences about the effect of quarreling.

Answer to the question no-8

Quarrelling is a bad habit that creates ill-
feeling. It has no good side. If the sons quarrels, the parents become worried. They try to mend the sons. To ensure a happy family, we should give up quarrelling.

9. Suppose you are
Altaf. You live in Shashibushion, Charfession, Bhola. Your friend, Hossain lives in Dhaka. He sometimes becomes hot-headed. He then quarrels with others. Write a letter to your friend Hossain advising him
not to quarrel.

Answer to the question no-9

September 24, 2015
Charfession, Bhola.
Dear Hossain,
How are you? I hope you are fine.
Our friend Rabiul told me over telephone that you become hot-headed sometimes. This leads to quarrel with your classmates and relatives. Sometimes you do the same with the neighbours too. This will create a social problem for you. Some people may be prejudiced to you. Your parents are worried about you. Please give up this habit. You will certainly feel good. As you are my good friend, I advise you. Please don’t mind.
No more today.
Your loving friend,

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