Paragraph →→

1. Load Shedding
2. A Street Accident
3. Traffic Jam
4. The Life of a Farmer
5. A School Magazine
6. Environment Pollution
7. Your Visit to a Historical Place
8. Our National Flag

Completing Story →→

1. A liar shepherd
2. A thirsty crow
3. The fox without a tail
4. Unity is strength

5. An honest wood cutter
6. Slow and steady wins the race
7. Devotion to mother
8. The lion and the mouse

Formal Letter→

1. For a testimonial
2. Increasing common room facilities
3. For morning school
4. Some money for excursion/study tour
5. For T.c
6. Seat in the school hostle
7. Praying for full-free studentship
8. Starting a debating club in your school
9. Sitting up a computer club in your
10. sitting up a canteen in your school

CV →→

1. An English Teacher
2. A medical representative
3. A computer operator
4. An office executive
5. Sales Officer

বাকি সাজেশন ও প্রশ্ন এবং পেতে ভিজিট করুন→→→


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  1. nerob Contributor says:
    good post
  2. SaimonIslam Contributor says:
    Komon porba tho???
  3. Rifatrocks Contributor says:
    এ পর্যন্ত একবারও কি Common পড়ছে
  4. Avijit Contributor Post Creator says:
    1000% Working….
    কমন পড়বেই…..
    আরো সুপার সাজেশন পেতে সাথেই থাকো→→
  5. Rifataz26 Contributor says:
    khaki faul na 1000% faul .Daily to bolen 100% common porikkai to 1% o common paid na..
  6. Avijit Contributor Post Creator says:
    না বুঝে ফাউল বলবা না,,
    তুমি তো মনে হয় পড়ালেখা ই কর না মিয়া…
  7. angela Contributor says: kaj hoy na

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