Hi.. Now You Can Change Your

Fb B’day Unlimited Times… By
Following These Steps
1. Open Fb Forum > Click Here
2. Add your date of birth you
3. Now copy this and paste in
the “Reason for this change”
box… Hello, Someone hacked
my account and changed my
birthday. Can you please change
my birthday.
4. Done your birthday date has
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13 thoughts on "Change Your Facebook Birthday Date After Limit"

  1. Jh Tushar Contributor says:
    Thanks a lot bro….This really helpful pos
  2. Prince Al-amin Author Post Creator says:
  3. skontu Contributor says:
    name change after limit er kuno process ASA?
  4. Roxtar Boy Contributor says:
    Wow. Thank you bro. Its really awesome.
  5. K.H.TonmoY Author says:
    [img id=139569] apnar option nai
  6. Prince Al-amin Author Post Creator says:
  7. Jack Contributor says:
    ai link bade ki ami fb er kon kon options a giye kah t korte parbo?
  8. Ariful islam Arif Contributor says:
    Kaw amake help koren plz ami jodi kono page a like dite jai tokhon lekha othe “add fans status failed”aro onek kisu lekha othe plz amake kaw help koren plz
  9. Emon Contributor says:
    Thankyou brother
    1. Prince Al-amin Author Post Creator says:
  10. Prince Al-amin Author Post Creator says:

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