Let’s Go and Do it first. Today when i cameback from collage i find a massage. The massage was about off . You also know that i am not interested in any talktime offer. B’coz i have not any GF. But you have also. Let’s see

You want This Offer? Just Dial *5000*72# .It’s not fake, b’coz i have uploadedscreenshot.So for more stay with me and keep visiting.

সবাইকে ধন্যবাদ । সুস্থ্য থাকুন ভাল
থাকুন এবং সব সময় Trickbd.Comএর
সাথেই থাকুন ।

One thought on "জিপিতে ৭ টাকায় ৫০এম্বি, ১৭ মিনিট এবং ১৭ এসএমএস নিয়ে নিন"

  1. Reza Contributor says:
    Sorry, this package is not available anymore or you have requested with an invalid keyword or sms format. Dial *5000# or Call 5000 IVR (free of cost) to activate GP Internet Packages.

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