Octo Os 5.1.1 Lollipop



I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm
app failed. Please do some research if you have any
concerns about features included in this Patch before
flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications,
and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device,
I will laugh at you. ALWAYS DO A BACKUP, BACKUP and

Disclaimer: Im not held responsible if you brick your phone,
Read doc, Follow simple instructions

OctOs Lollipop 5.1 MT6592

Kernel linux 3.4.xx
Team OctOs presents Oct-L And Ported By EquiNox Team
MediaTeK To Normal MT6592 with 3.4.xx kernel.

Team OctOs maintain a current release record and change-
log on our website: http://www.teamoctos.com

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is this Android 5 (Lollipop)?
A: Yes, this is Android 5.1.1
Q: What code is Oct-L based on?
A: Starting with Oct-L,
we\’ve rebased OctOs on the CyanogenMod 12 code.
Q: What happened to AOSP?
A: All Android code is based on
the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Under previous
releases, we tried very hard to limit the number of \”Not from
Google directly\” repositories that we used. Unfortunately,
issues with devices, the need for Code Aurora Foundation

(CAF) repositories for Qualcomm devices, and compatibility
issues meant fighting code more often than not. We decided
that since the code-base for many repositories were the
same across most ROMs, picking a starting point to build
the user experience on outweighed the desire to craft code
from scratch, or fix broken code to make it work with other
changes we already had.
Q: Why isn\’t there XXXXXXX feature.A: Shoot us a
Suggestion if you want to see something added. While we
are not going to promise to implement, we will always look
into it.

★RIL (Calls, Dual SIM, Data only SIM1)
★Camera (Camu Cam)
★1080p Video Playback
★Notification Led
★With Xposed
★With Gapps
★Fix Apps 3rd party instlled drawer reboot

*Sound Recorder Can not access to microphone (Set format
to \”WAV\”)
*USSD (Is only working for some carriers)
*Off Charging ( bug n talaga ng cm base yan)
*Always make reboot if you turned off your phone(Reboot to
Recovery then Reboot)


Flashable via Philz RECOVERY only not CWM
★First download the Rom, Place to sdcard (Link bellow)
★Use My New Philz Recovery[link bellow]
★Reboot to Recovery
★Backup your current Rom
★Factory Reset
★wipe cache & dalvik cache,
★Install Rom
★Reboot & enjoy


ROM LINK: Octo Os 5.1.1 Lollipop Rom For MT6592
Philz Recovery Link : PhilzRecovery



★EquiNox Team mediated
★Cherry mobile Flare XL BY: GLENN CANETE SANDIG ( S K E
P T R O N )
★Me and U


38 thoughts on "Octo Os 5.1.1 Lollipop Rom For Symphony ZVI And All MT6592 Device"

  1. Khanraj74@ Author says:
    vi ata shob rooted phone a support korba ki???
    1. Prince45 Contributor says:
      only for symphony zvi
  2. Kafihasan Contributor Post Creator says:
    No…Only MT6592 device can be supported
  3. King Mamun Contributor says:
    ভাই Symphony W68Q তাকলে দেন Plz…..
    1. Kafihasan Contributor Post Creator says:
      Wait…. I will
  4. fa.atiq Contributor says:
    Vai eta mtk 6572 jellybean er jonno ase ki?
    1. Kafihasan Contributor Post Creator says:
      You can find many Custom Rom For Your Device…Please search on google…If you can’t do it wait i will tune about for your device
    2. mronyt Contributor says:
      vai apni ki symphoney zv er rom dite parben?
    3. Kafihasan Contributor Post Creator says:
  5. Al Azad Contributor says:
    w70Q er lollipop rom ace ki????
  6. Prince45 Contributor says:
    Symphony W69Q 1GB RAM এর SU-Droid কাস্টম রম ব্যতীত অন্য কোনো রম থাকলে প্লিজ দিবেন. । উপকৃত হতাম
  7. bahadur khanmc Contributor says:
    কাজ করে না । কি ভাবে করতে হবে বলেন ভাই।
  8. Kafihasan Contributor Post Creator says:
    কাজ করে না মানে??? কি বোঝাতে চাইলেন??
  9. Bunny Dumpling Contributor says:
    zv er lollipop custom rom lagbe. plz dan
  10. Pavel hassan shanto Contributor says:
    Vay room tay ki kono bag ace room ta calale kono problem hobe mobile a imei te kono problem hobe
  11. Kafihasan Contributor Post Creator says:
    বাগ আছে.. আর IMEI এর কোনো সমস্যা হবে না..স্টক রম এর একটা Bkup নিয়ে নিবেন রম ইন্সটল দেওয়ার আগে
  12. Pavel hassan shanto Contributor says:
    Vay ki ki problem hote pare aktu bolla valo hoto ar vay ur sathe contac kora jabe ki tahola aktu valo hoto
    1. Kafihasan Contributor Post Creator says:
      *Sound Recorder Can not access to microphone (Set format
      to \”WAV\”)
      *USSD (Is only working for some carriers)
      *Off Charging ( bug n talaga ng cm base yan)
      *Always make reboot if you turned off your phone(Reboot to
      Recovery then Reboot)
    2. Kafihasan Contributor Post Creator says:
  13. blackshadow Contributor says:
    vai amar v52 er custom rom lagbe.. plzzz den
  14. leion Contributor says:
    ভাই কেউ symphony zv এর lollipop rom দিতে পারবেন ….
    কোন বাগ ছাড়া
  15. Mujahid hasan munna Contributor says:
    Vai Zv er ki kono custom rom asa ?
  16. Raj gh Author says:
    Vai symphony Zvi ar CWM recovery.img ta dita parban
  17. ImtiazNajim Contributor says:
    symphony w75 e kaj korbe ki bro 😀
  18. NM06 Contributor says:
    symphony w 70 ar jonno custom Rom den
  19. Raj gh Author says:
    Philz Recovery Link kaj kora na
  20. ruddro Contributor says:
    Bro. Symphony Xplorer ZiV এর Custom ROM দিতে পারবেন? (কাস্টম রিকোভারিসহ)
  21. Shanto khan Contributor says:
    Bro symphone zv er ki kono custom ROM hobe best
  22. S.A Limon Contributor says:
    vai symphony w68q er custom rom ta dite parben ki?
  23. tuhinsheikh Contributor says:
    Need cwm recovery for symphony 68Q plz Kew help ta koren
  24. silent killer Contributor says:
    Vai download link e tooo open hoy na
  25. aka jibon Contributor says:
    vai bangla bolle bojtam plz bangla detaile din plz
  26. aka jibon Contributor says:
    Hellow brother plz ans me plz plz plz
  27. Mahadi Hasan 404 Contributor says:
    Symphony v30 te hobey?
  28. Al Amin Contributor says:
    symphony V45 এর জন্য কাস্টম রুম
  29. MD Amir Khan Contributor says:
    Symphony e60 kitkat 4.4.2
    chipset :SPD SC7715
    Lolipop custom room needed.
  30. Raju606588 Contributor says:
    bro boot.logo download hoyna,dwonload দিতে গেলে The file you are trying to download is no longer available লেখা আসছে।

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