Android phones are playing an important role in
the current
era of smart phones.
Internet surfing,Gaming,Music everything is
available in
android phones.
For that reason, the popularity of Android has
gained a within
few days.
Android users use face lock,pattern lock,pin
lock etc locking
systems for their privacy.
As it can be seen that entering the wrong
password a few
time, the set becomes permanently blocked.
In this case it is not possible to unlock the
device without
going to servicing center.
Such its the waste of both money and time.
So it would be better if we could unlock the
phone ourself.
So lets see how can you unlock the
locked android phone yourself:
at the first stage make sure that your phone is

switched of.
In the next step: Please follow the below
methods according
to the type of your phone. If one method does
not work,follow
another method.
1)Press Power Button+Home Button+Volume Up
Key at the
same time.(Its works in most of the samsung
2)Press Volume Down Key+Power Button at the
same time .
3)Press Volume Up Key+Power Button at the
same time .
4)Press Home Button+Power Button at the
same time .
As long as the name of mobile would not
appear on the
screen hold these buttons.
In the next step:
Now a menu will appear.
Select “wipe data/factory reset” from this
menu.(Use Volume
up and Volume Down Button to Up/Down the
(as shown as bellow picture)
In the next step:
Another menu will appear on the screen.
Select “Yes-delete all user” from this menu.
(Use Volume up
and Volume Down Button to Up/Down the
(as shown as below picture)
Then the phone will start to “reset”.
In the next step:
After completing the “reset”,another menu will
one came at first step)
(as shown as below picture)
From That menu Select “reboot system now”.
After Completing some process your phone will
Now your Phone is unlocked and ready to use.
Thank You.

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