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<br />
<div class="akash"><br />
<table align="center"><br />
<div class="akash"><br />
<tr><br />
<th><font color="orange"><b>DuniarTips   </b></font>       <a href=""><font color="white"><b><strong>Home</strong></b></font></a></th><br />
<th><a href=""><font color="white">Timeline</font></a> </th><br />
<tr></tr><br /> <th><a href=""><font color="white"> Message:info-pmnew:-%n%:: :/info:</font></a> :info-popup:<a href=""><font color="white">Chat-%n%</font></a>::<a href=""><font color="white"> Chat-:friends-oc:</font></a>:/info:<a href=""><font color="white"> Find Friends</font></a><a href=""><font color="white"> Notification:info-popup,frreq,comnew,pmnew,pchat,fronl:-%n%:: :/info:</font></a></th><br /> </tr></div><br /> </table><br /> </div><br /> <p>

If this code be erorr please use (this link)

2 thoughts on "FaceBook style user menu code working notification & Chat"

  1. Mirez Mirez Contributor says:
    trickbd er comment box r upore logged as……. Logout eta dite parben keu????

    1. Huzaifa Ham Huzaifa Ham Contributor says:
      ami parbo

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