Hello everyone, Myself Al-amin. Now i am providing a
technical knowledge about our app site IappBoy set undifinit category code.
Many users request me for share this code.

 :list-software:cid=7088238, l=10,s=:geti-page(1):,o=createtime:: </p><br />
<div class="app-list"><br />
<div class="item"><br />
<div class="pic"><br />
<img src="%thumburl%" width="44" height="44" alt="Picture" /><br />
</div><br /> <div class="text"><br /> <div class="name"><br /> %title%<br /> </div><br /> <div class="others"><img src='http://bnet.jw.lt/BDBOYS/icon/i/rate/0.0.gif' alt='.' /> (5)</div><br /> <div class="others">Apps | %filesize%</div><br /> <p><a class="btn-download" href="%viewurl%">Download</a><br /> </div><br /> </div><br /> </div><br /> <p> :: :/list-software:

You must change category id.
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7 thoughts on "9apps.com style software, game list Code"

  1. Asif Mahmood Contributor says:
    vai kaj korbo ki babe plzzz bolen

  2. Prince Al-amin Prince Al-amin Author Post Creator says:
    first login your wapka account →Select site which site you went to edit→ content menager→ software → create new category than create a category and remember category cid number →Beck to home → admin panel than paste this code with change cid number……
    That’s it.ok..?
    1. Nur Alam Nur Alam Contributor says:
      vai kaj kortaca na.code ta aber den
  3. Heard hacker boy Contributor says:
    Vai apnar fb id ta den
    1. Prince Al-amin Prince Al-amin Author Post Creator says:
  4. MN moni Contributor says:
    vai code ta nibo kibabe

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