This program included several tools for Muslim:-Schedule of Prayer (9600 Cities + GPS)-Monthly Calendar of prayer times-Qibla Locator with compass-Random Hadith quotation on the screen-Quran in Arabic, French / English, Phonetics-Tafsir of Surahs-Quran recitation-Choice of famous reciters-Downloading of Surahs-99 Names of Allah-Several books: 40 Hadiths Anawawi, Sahih Muslim, Friday Sermons-Muslim Holiday Calendar-Widget: Prayer Times & display a random Hadith quotation-Notification call to prayer-Moon phases Wallpaper-Changing themes (only background color for the moment)A lot of part was written in French, I willtranslate it as soon as possible.

LAST INFORMATION : The Quran (in English) in my software is incorrect ! AllSurahs are shifted because they don’t start by “Bismillah y rahmane y rahim”, I’ve correct it on the next version & I will publish it quickly insaAllah.
Note: Downloading Surah is a bit capricious in Android (Timeout too short?), You will sometimes retry the download to get it, I will try to correct itin the next version inshaAllah.
May Allah always guide us to the straight path Insha-ALLAH.

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