*RUSH POP V3 By Me For Symphony V28
• VERSION 3.7.0 Beast Edition•
-Devices Supported:Spreadtrum (KITKAT) SC7731/
*FEATURES:• Material Dark and Light
• New Theme Color
• Added Dolby Atmos
• Added Parallax Recent Apps
• Added Parallax Notification panel
• Added Swipe Panel
• Added CPU time in State Settings
• Added Ad Blocker
• Added Carrier Label in Statusbar
• Added New Expandable Volume Panel
• Added Setup Wizard App
• Added Gesture Anywhere
• Added Screen Tuner
• Fixed Overlapping Notification

• Revert back some built in Features
• Debloat Rom for Better Performance
• Added Dynamic Statusbar
• Added Toast Animations
• Added Progress Bar Animations
• Added Color Picker in Circle Battery and Text
• Making Heeads Up Notification Non Apk
• Added Volume Settings Theme
• Custom System Animation
• Added Init.d Tweaks
• Changing Plat Logo to Android N
• Changing Panel Style to Android N
• Improving Rom Perfomance
★Bug: 440 Not Found
★ Xtreame Ram Management
★HardCore Gaming
• And More.
Rom Credit :me
• Rom Port Credit -my brother
★Material Android Development Team™•
DroidBuster XDA Developer™• AndroStark
Developers™• Maximum Dev/Port Team™• Fly-On
Mod Developers™• Mediatek Arts Android and
Devs™(MAAaD)• Mediatek Arts Android and Devs
Reborn™(MAAaDR)• XDA Developers™•
Rom Link:::: download
# Rom Compressed zip with password
# Show Prove,, That you have downloaded the
Rom,Comment Box… Uplaod Screenshot! Then I will
give you the password.
Use Mega App For Downloading Rom!!!
For Any help Contact- ovi

49 thoughts on "symphony v28 user দের জন্য নিয়ে এলাম noghat 7.0 কাস্টম রম"

  1. Zakir Ahmed Contributor says:
    Symphony v32 any recovery.img ase???? pls help brooooooo?????

  2. sahariar ovi sahariar ovi Author Post Creator says:
    chipset and Android version ki?
  3. mahmud hasan KHAN Subscriber says:
    vai kitkat 4.4.2 mt 6572 custom rom dita parben….?
    1. BloggerBoy BloggerBoy Contributor says:
      আমার কাছে Android 6.0 Custom Rom আছে।
      Only for MTK6572 KitKat 4.4.2
    2. sahariar ovi sahariar ovi Author Post Creator says:
      nai bro
    3. mahmud hasan mahmud Subscriber says:
      ok link den
  4. Ashfaq Contributor says:
    Eita abaar kmn j download korle apnale bole pass nite hbe.. Help kortesen naki onno kisu!
    1. sahariar ovi sahariar ovi Author Post Creator says:
      bro sorry pass peye jaben
    2. Ashfaq Contributor says:
      Apnar ei condition er reason jante pari?
  5. sahariar ovi sahariar ovi Author Post Creator says:
    khan bro google e dekhte paren ekta peye jaben
    1. mahmud hasan KHAN Subscriber says:

  6. Yeasin IK Yeasin Author says:
    ei post to age kora hoyche…..apni noton rom port koron taile amra sobai khoshi hobo
    1. Ashfaq Contributor says:
      Ki rom chan?
    2. Yeasin IK Yeasin Author says:
      আপনার কাছে কি কোন রম আছে?sc7731/4.4.2
    3. Ashfaq Contributor says:
      Sorry bro.. Different chipset.. Nahole must help kortam..
    4. mahmud hasan mahmud Subscriber says:
      Kitkat 4.4.2 mt6572 custom rom
    5. sahariar ovi sahariar ovi Author Post Creator says:
      nai bro
    6. sahariar ovi sahariar ovi Author Post Creator says:
      apnake fb te bolchilam na pussy fafta port korbo v28 er jonno
    7. Yeasin IK Yeasin Author says:
      হে এটা port করেন
    8. Ashfaq Contributor says:
      V28 er chipset ki? Sc7731?
    9. sahariar ovi sahariar ovi Author Post Creator says:
      hmm asfaq bro….

  7. sahariar ovi sahariar ovi Author Post Creator says:
    yeasin vai ei post ta ami apnar age korchi but amak ajke author deya hoyece
  8. mahmud hasan mahmud Subscriber says:
    # Ashfaq vaiya apner kase ase. kitkat 4.4.2 mt6572
  9. Talukder Shadin Contributor says:
    symphony M1 এর কাসটোম রোম দরকার।।কারো কাছে থাকলে দিও
    1. sahariar ovi sahariar ovi Author Post Creator says:
      chipset koto Android version koto?
  10. Talukder Shadin Contributor says:
    Android version 5.0
  11. Hridoy Hridoy Contributor says:
    symphony v32 er ki custom rom ace
  12. Akash sing Akash sing Contributor says:
    vai symphone E79 er coustom room ki kew theta parba…
  13. piyash kumer das piyash das Contributor says:
    Vi eta ki Walton primo c4 mobile e ki hobe varson 4.4.2 chipset scx15
  14. Hridoybd3 Contributor says:
    please help.me amar
    symphony v70 ar custom rom lagbe..
    please kew help koren
  15. Nirjon sihab Contributor says:
    Vi,.. Symphony v45 এর জন্যে কোনো ভালো ROM থাকলে পোস্ট করেনতো । varsion, 4.2.2 (kitkat)
    ram, 512
  16. forhad hossain Subscriber says:
    vai grand prime custom rom hoby
  17. AAShemul Contributor says:
    লজ্জা নাই??? অন্যের রম নিজের নামে চালাচ্ছ??? কপিরাইট লঙ্ঘন করার কারনে ফাইল ডিলিট করে দেয়া হল। চোরের বাচ্চা।
  18. sahariar ovi sahariar ovi Author Post Creator says:
    গাজা খাইচে নিঃচই
  19. Shishir Shishir Contributor says:
    Category Thik koren.
  20. Shonchoy Contributor says:
    I need a rom for walton primo GH5 pls pls
  21. rakibrx640 Contributor says:
    plz give me Okapia bondu
    lollipop ROM
  22. Raynul Contributor says:
    hlw vai ra amake help koren amar phone model walton GH+..4gb rom app install ar jonno space 1gb jar karone besi app install dite pari na…….plz help ki korle and kivabe korle besi apps instal dite parbo….vai jane thakle help me plz plz plz
  23. Shawon789 Contributor says:
    Plz give me the password.
  24. Amir MD Amir Khan Contributor says:
    Symphony e60 kitkat 4.4.2
    Chipset:SPD SC7715
    Vai apnar ei rom use kora
  25. Mahmood Mahmood Contributor says:
    VAI keo ekta valo bugless mt6572 KitKat phone er jonno custom ROM er post er link diben pls!!
  26. dusto chaly dusto chaly Contributor says:
    Walton gh4 ki kory custom rom dibo halp
  27. ALFAZ MIA ALFAZ MIA Contributor says:
  28. Tanvir Tamvir Ahmed Contributor says:
    Vai symphony H60 5.1 এর জন্য কি কোনো custom rom আছে?
    থাকলে দেন please
  29. sobahan sobahan Contributor says:
    Walton primo em chip: sc7731 er jonno recovery dorkar. please make Kore den.
    othoba process ta bolen
  30. sobahan sobahan Contributor says:
    friend request accept koren name”MD Abdus Sobahan”
  31. Shanto Shanto Contributor says:
    password ki vai?
  32. sobahan sobahan Contributor says:
    password ki Vai?
  33. Asadislam Asadislam Contributor says:
    Vai ROM link kaj Kore na fix koren

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