YouTube: The aggregator of fail compilations, the
disseminator of cat related humour and a beacon for
everything viral. Killing time on YouTube is the most
productive way to be unproductive, but there’s so much
more to it than salacious thumbnails and unrelated
debates about political theory in the comments section.
Aside from a few easter eggs to please medium-core
trekkies and Star Wars fans, there are some genuinely
useful hacks that can enhance your YouTube viewing
experience ten-fold. I mean, if you’re prepared to sign
away three hours of your life by watching late-nineties
wrestling videos, then you should do it in style, right?

Ever know how to turning any video into a GIF? No? No
problem, today I am going to share this tricks.
Make any video into a GIF
You can turn any video into a GIF by simply adding “gif”
just after the “www.” in the URL. For example
Once you type that in, you’ll be taken to a simple gif
making tool page that lets you cut out a section of the
video and export it

Select the point at which you want to start the gif and
then select how long it lasts, and you’re done. You’ve
made a gif in a matter of minutes.

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