[bg=green]5GB 3G Internet Data 100 Taka a New
Connection Grameenphone SIM[/bg]

First You Must buy a New Grameenphone sim
Connection. You can Got 5GB 3G Internet Data
Only 100 taka with a New GP SIM connection .
GrameenPhone New Sim Price: 100 BDT (50 BDT
sim price and 50 BDT will have to be recharged)
The total cost 100 BDT.

How to get 5 GB Internet 100 Tk: 1. Take your handset and cheak the 50 BDT
belance first.
2. Now dial *500*91#.

Then you get an sms, “Congratulations! 2GB (1GB
FB + 1GB for Internet) internet pack will be

activated soon at only Tk 9 (+ VAT & SD), Please
wait for the confirmation SMS“.

3. Please wait for one more this kind of message
“Dear customer, you have received your desired
Internet volume with other value added services
if applicable for your request and charged Tk 0.0
(including VAT & SD). Dial * 567 # to check
balance and expiry date. After using your full internet balance, you maybe charged 0.01 tk /
10KB if applicable“. and 1 GB of default data
added to the account and another 1 GB of data
for Facebook (Charge 10.66 BDT) Now Write
“Giftaaaa” and send SMS to 9999. Then you will
recive 1 GB internet extra. Now do this 3 times in same process. 1 GB + 1 GB GB + 3 = 5 GB of data
and 3 times the cost of default (10.66 × 3).

[color=green][Note: If you get to the fourth step of the further
4 GB of data, which is for use only check
Facebook with * 566 * 1 # and * 566 * 10 # to
check the default data. MB with a validity of 1


You further 6 times *500*91# Dial at 10.66 you
can buy a 1 GB. This will cost 6 time (10.66 ×
6)=63.96 BDT. At the end of all get 20 MB from
Grameenphone Wowbox and increased the dta
duration of 3 months .star.[bg=green]সব সময় নতুন নতুন টিপস পেত [/bg] Please visit [bg=red][size=6] My Site: TipsFo .tk[/size][/bg]

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  1. swapon26 Contributor says:
    BTS এজেন্ট নিন, ফেইসবুক থেকে টাকা
    ইনকাম করুন ।
    BTS এজেন্ট মাত্র 120টাকা, আপনার
    এজেন্ট একাউন্টে থেকে অন্য কে যত
    খুসি তত
    এজেন্ট বানাতে পারবেন আর bts
    নাম্বার 0096xxxxxxxxx এরকম বানাতে
    এই অফার সীমিত সময়ের জন্য ।
    Hotline: 01784132599

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