1. If used on bed without any hard flat surface under the laptop, primarily you should be concerned about heat the laptop generates. With insufficient cooling, the laptop may shutdown when it gets overheated.

2. You may also sleep while using the laptop and may drop the laptop on the floor and damage it.
3. If you eat and drink while using laptop on bed, chances are more that you may spil some thing on the machine.

4. If you have no other option but to use the machine on bed, make sure you use some large wooden board or any large hard book under the machine to allow for air circulation under the laptop. —– It’s OK to use your laptop on the bed if you have something underneath it. For example, a book underneath your laptop will do good. The reason for this is, the heat produced by the laptop is really hot, and when there is nothing shielding the sheets ( they are highly flammable), it might catch on fire.


Do not put your laptop on your lap because:

1. If you’re a guy, you have a high risk of catching prostate cancer.

2. If you’re a female/girl, you have a high risk of catching any other form of cancer.

Well, i think the main reason is, the laptop cooling fan. Actually mostly laptops has cooling fans on it’s base. Fan takes the air from it, and if it is on bed, then no air gets in the laptop. So it becomes hot. This is the main reason manufacturers suggests not to use laptops on bed. That’s it.

guys, i maked this post in English languahe bcoz i posted via using my Symbian phone and it dosen’t support Bangla language.

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