Unhackme আপনার PC’র suspicious Iteam গুলোকে inspect এবং remove করতে সাহায্য করে। এবং এই Softwareটি অন্যান্য Antivirus এর সাথে compatible।

এর Featureগুলো হল:-

  • Scanning of installed programs for “Potentially Unwanted Programs”
  • Checking for junk files, created by PUPs, adware, and spyware.
  • Scanning of Windows startup programs, services, and drivers.
  • Testing Windows shortcuts.
  • Scanning for rootkits.
  • Examining browsers’ search settings.
  • Scanning browsers add-ons.
  • Testing the hosts file and DNS settings.
  • Testing startup files using several antivirus programs on Virustotal.com



Visit Official Site:- For More Details

Lifetime License: U122-SSMR-3TNE-GD99

Download: unhackme_12.exe



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