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We are looking for multiple premium content writers who will work in our website directly. If you’r qualification meets the following requirements you’re requested to apply!


  • A pure story teller!
  • Passionate about content writing (blogging)
  • Keep up-to date with latest tech updates/news
  • Ability to research about latest trending tech keywords and making SEO friendly content will be a big plus.
  • Good at making content which user’s love to read
  • Good at writing Bangla with less grammatical and pronunciation mistakes!
  • Ability to generate unique and user engaging tech contents.
  • Content quality should be good and length should be large to be eligible to be premium. (Other wise you will be paid regular amount based on current system)
  • A premium content shouldn’t contain any kind of promotional materials.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Have to write content about latest technology/tech news in Trickbd.com
  • Need to be available on writing on demand contents! (Instructions will be provided by us)

Perks & Benefits:

  • Pay per content(We will pay you based on the contents you provide!)
  • Flexible working hours (You can work on your flexible time)
  • You’ll get a Premium Content Creator badge on Trickbd.com

How to Apply:

For new users

  • You need to send your content to [email protected] , we’ll verify that content and based on your content quality we will give you a special account access in Trickbd.com.

For existing Trainer

  • If you’re already a trainer of Trickbd.com you just need to post your content as like regular content, then you need to email the post url at [email protected] to check the eligibility. If you’r content become eligible you’ll get the bonus amount with your regular payment and your content will be marked as premium content.