Hello friends! Now you can getup to 1GB internet 100% free!!

If you are a non-data user (usedless than or equal to 150KB datain the last 90 days), send G1 to9999 and get 250MB free.

Tell your friends about the offerand have them send“G1””Your Number” to9999; so that you can getanother 250MB data free alongwith them!!

This way you can getup to 750MB data from 3 friends(7 days validity) plus your 250MBdata, meaning 1GB data totallyfree!!

So hurry up and claim yourfree data now!Customers who have used lessthan 150KB is last 90 days areconsidered as non internetusersThe referral offer expires on13th OctCustomers will get bonus datainstantlyAn eligible customer can getmaximum 1GB internet fromthis offer (250 MB initially&later 750 MB by referring tomax 3 friendsA non data user can refer hisnumber to unlimited numberof non data user friends to getfree 250 MB data within thecampaign periodDial *567# to know theinternet balanceOffer is not valid for postpaidcustomers

সবাইকে ধন্যবাদ। সুস্থ্য থাকুন,ভালো থাকুন এবং সব সময় TrickBD.com এর সাথেই থাকুন।

আশা করি, সময় পেলে আমার সাইট থেকে একবার ঘুরে আসবেনঃ BDprozukti.Tk


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